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The Story of Beeb’s Beans Coffee


As the sun peeks its headover the horizon on a warm winters morning the water glistens as a new day breaks along the sun drenched Treasure Coast in Vero Beach Florida.  The day is a Saturday.Beeb's Beans at the Market

The wind is light as it dances across the dune and drifts down over the grass along Humiston Park.  As Beeb finishes extending the legs on his pop up tent he makes the decision to raise his coffee flag for the day.  He thinks to himself he is blessed to be able work outside in a state where summer feels like it never ends.

The journey to becoming a roaster was really an unconscious manifestation of luck rather than a chosen career path. The story begins in the spring of 2020 when the nation shut down due to the looming pandemic.  Robert Nardizzi (aka Beeb) had been a poker dealer working for some of the largest names in the entertainment and gambling industry like MGM, Ceasars, and Red Rock Resorts.  As a poker dealer in Las Vegas, Beeb's income was solely based on others' fortunes and unfortunately, Beeb could just as easily push a pot to a stiff (a person who does not tip) as he could a George (a person who is generous with his gambling winnings).  Being a poker dealer requires a certain relationship with Lady Luck, and every now and then, Beeb lets her make decisions for him, so with the onset of the pandemic Beeb rolled the dice and relocated to Vero Beach Florida.

It was here within this coastal community Beeb discovered the economy of the green markets.  How cool it was to watch people come out on Saturdays from across the town only to wind up patronizing their favorite vendors at their tents! 

Now, every Saturday morning in Vero Beach, Beeb found himself looking forward to that perfect cup of coffee and conversation with his new favorite barista.  By the summer of 2020 Beeb and that barista had become fast friends, and the same stroke of luck that brought him all the way here, led to an offer that would change Rob's life. The barista wanted to retire, and she wanted Beeb to buy her business.

Beeb jumped at the chance to be his own boss, work at the market (he was already coming there weekly anyway) and mingle with locals in the community that he was already coming to truly love. It seemed so easy, like such a natural fit, except for one thing... how was he going to start roasting? 

At the time, the barista (aka coffee huckster) - lol, only kidding - was flipping someone else’s coffee.  Beeb began to revamp, redo and vertically integrate coffee roasting during the week into the cups and bags he sold at the tent on the weekends. Roasting coffee gave Beeb a handle on the best quality control, best tasting, and best product he could bring to the weekend markets.  The roaster in him was born. 

Rob picking coffee beans in Costa RicaAfter sampling coffees from around the equator, Beeb settled on his favorite tasting beans. 

Beeb selects his beans from the jungles of Central and South America to the rainforests of island nations in the South Pacific. 

All of Beeb’s micro-roasts are constructed using the highest quality beans to exude the most flavorful cup of coffee he can produce using a small batch, eco-friendly roaster. 

And all batches of coffee are roasted on demand or within five days of a weekend market.  There is no fresher cup of coffee around this town - guaranteed.

So in the end you see, Coffee was just meant to be. Any given Saturday  you can find Beeb sipping a cup of coffee and chatting up his patrons at the Vero Beach Farmers Market.