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Life has never bean this good


Coffee found me…I didn’t find it, and ever since then it has
been a match made in heaven. It all started during the pandemic. I lost my job working as a poker dealer in a casino and to make ends meet started working for a young lady selling fresh pasta in the Greens Farmers Market of Vero Beach. While
working the farmers market I made friends with the owner of the stand next to mine selling fresh roasted coffee. At the time, she was looking to retire and sell her business. I jumped on the opportunity, purchased her coffee stand and
began roasting coffee.

 Five months later the word of my rich, bold, silky smooth coffee
flavors began to spread like wildfire. Today, I have stands in multiple farmers markets and am selling coffee online to customers all over the country. My mission statement is to always offer the freshest boutique roast quality to all my customers. Life has never bean this great!

Signature Roast

Beeb's signature roast is composed of three coffee beans blended together after the roast. A gently roasted Ethiopian bean which adds a touch of crisp fruitiness is paired with a mildly darker Brazilian bean and Mexican bean that has hints of caramel and chocolate.

As you wake up in the soft gentle air along Florida's Treasure Coast the sun peeks above the horizon. It is then you think to yourself what would be better then the taste of smooth medium roasted Veroma Coffee in your mug?

This isn't a dream contact Beeb and get some of them Beans. Because your morning is never complete without a cup of that gently roasted ground Veroma Bean as you watch the waves role in along those sun drenched beaches that stretch for miles as far as the eye can see.


I cook my beans in a mini 1 kilogram drum roaster.  This is equal to 2.2lbs, meaning that my roasts will never be big.  All my roasts start with a precise measurement - I micro roast green coffee batches 500g at a time.  If you prefer medium roasted coffee then you generally like a bean that is cooked at lower temperatures for a shorter time.  This kind of roast tends to bring out more of the crisp, natural, bright flavors of the coffee bean, while a darker roast tends to bring out a bolder, fuller body.

No matter which roast you prefer, at Beeb's Beans you will always get coffee that is fresh and microroasted to perfection!

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